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How to Pass a Modesto Smog Check

Most of us want to know if there is anything we can do to our car before taking it in for a smog check to have a better chance of passing the first time. We also know that having a well maintained car, with all systems working properly, will increase our chances. Unfortunately, most of us leave our Modesto smog check until the last minute. We most likely think I’ll worry about it if I don’t pass the check. Well, there is some good news. There is quite a bit that you can do before your Modesto smog check to help ensure you fly through with ease. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare your car for a Modesto smog check:

1. Two weeks before your Modesto smog test, drive your car on the highway as much as possible.

This will heat up the catalytic converter to burn out gas and oil residues. In most cars the catalytic converter doesn’t get hot enough to do it’s job.

2. Make sure your “Check Engine” light isn’t on.

This is an automatic Modesto smog check failure. A common cause for the “check engine” light coming on is a faulty oxygen sensor. Replacing the sensor is a lot cheaper than a more costly catalytic converter repair.

3. Keep your car tires properly inflated.

California does a dynamometer test which puts your cars tires on rollers to allow the engine to run at high speeds while stationary. If your tires are too low the engine will have to work harder than if they are properly inflated.

4. Get a tune-up done around two weeks before the test.

Get any maintenance done at a Modesto maintenance shop well before you have your smog test. If the mechanic disconnects your cars battery will doing the tune-up the car’s onboard computer will be reset. Your car will need at least two weeks of driving for the diagnostic tests needed to pass the Modesto smog test.

5.  Change the oil when it needs it.

When dirt gets in the crankcase from dirty oil it can release additional pollutants causing your car to fail a Modesto smog test.

6. Make sure your gas and coolant levels are correct before the test.

If your gas is too low in the tank it can expose the fuel pump and put vapor in the fuel line which can cause the car to fail the smog test. Also, less air flow through the radiator to keep it cool when it is stationary and running at high speeds during the dynamometer test.

7. Use a good fuel additive.

Especially with older cars that may have clogged fuel injectors which causes them to run lean. Fuel additive’s can clean the small openings and help your car pass the Modesto smog test.

8. It’s probably best to avoid wet/rainy days.

Not everyone agrees but wet tires may slip on the dynamometer, giving a false reading and causing your car to fail the Modesto smog check.

9. It’s a good idea to get a pre-inspection if you can.

California allows for a less expensive pre-inspection that will show whether your car will pass or fail a Modesto smog test, without officially recording the results. So, if you think your car is at risk of failing the Modesto smog test then this is a good idea. This way you can get the necessary work done at a Modesto Smog Inspection Station.

It can be quite overwhelming trying to find a good Modesto smog check and repair shop. If you want quality service from a name you can trust, then put this important job into the capable hands of experienced professionals like us.

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