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Modesto Transmission Shop  Modesto Transmission Shop

Transmissions on modern vehicles have become very sophisticated. They can contain hundreds of moving parts and electronic control  units.

It is vital to keep up with the scheduled maintenance of your transmission that is recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. There are many types of transmission fluid and it is important to use the correct type.

Clean transmission fluid helps to keep the moving parts cool and draining the transmission fluid can remove damaging particles.

Our Modesto Transmission Shop has all the required fluids that are recommended for your vehicle, together with the correct tools and filters to get the job done right.

Failure to properly maintain your transmission can lead to the early failure of the transmission. Tell tale signs of transmission failure can be slipping, where the engine revs but forward motion is lagging. Harsh shifting can also be a tell tale sign.

Do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to us for all your transmission needs:

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