Certified Smog Station, Smog Failure Diagnostics & Repair


Did you know?

During the warranty cover of your new vehicle you do not need to have it maintained by the dealer you purchased it from. Trust us at Swann’s Modesto auto repair for the service you need and you could save a considerable amount of money.

Vehicles We Work On :

Acura        Infinity                 Nissan

 Audi           Isuzu                   Oldsmobile

BMW          Jaguar                  Plymouth

Buick          Jeep                      Pontiac

Chevy          Kia                        Porsche

Chrysler      Land Rover          Saab

Dodge          Lexus                    Saturn

Ford              Lincoln                Subaru

GMC             Mazda                   Suzuki

Honda          Mercury                Toyota

Hyundai      Mitsubishi             VW/Volvo